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Chloe Anne The Van – “The Marker Maker”

Chloe Anne the Van

Chloe Sykes (Chloe Anne The Van) recorded a batch of songs at Ariel Pink’s house in LA the past month. I could only imagine the sort of creative madness that goes on there. Perhaps Ariel is providing himself as a musical guide of sorts for these lo-fi up-and-comers, similarly to how R. Stevie Moore worked with him. Either way, it seems bound to result in some creative successes. Chloe Anne The Van appears to be one of them. “Recorded at Ariel Pink’s house” is enough of a description for many to guess Chloe’s sound entirely – and a sub-genre I’d follow, for sure – but a track like “The Marker Maker” still sounds fresh nonetheless.

The slight, wispy synths craft an ominous quality not foreign to lo-fi pop of this nature, like witchcraft in the midst of a procession. The percussion, whether it’s robotic or Ariel’s beat-boxing, does quality service as well. There’s hints of early Ariel Pink in here for sure, but what little I’ve heard of Chloe Anne The Van still flaunts a quality lo-fi creativity not found among most in the style. I’ll be keeping my ear out for future material from her, for sure.


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