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Archive for February 25th, 2018

Distant Mountains – “Get Your Fair Share”

San Francisco-based rockers Distant Mountains impressed this past year with “Liquid Doubt”, a beauty with an ’80s tinge reminiscent of Echo & the Bunnymen. Their captivating atmospheric presence is once a...

Memoryy – “Turn It Up”

Off his upcoming album Skeletons, out March 31st, “Turn It Up” is an extremely fun synth-popper with a distinctive ’80s charm. It has that sort of lovable cheese you’d expect out of a tune at a neon-lit ...


Simen Mitlid – “I Don’t Care” + Vacation”

Simen Mitlid’s upcoming album has been preceded by three singles, the first being “Vacation” and the most recent “I Don’t Care”, released on February 24th. The singer/songwriter from Oslo, No...

Lusterlit – “Ceremony”

Lusterlit is an emerging duo comprised of Susan Hwang and Charlie Nieland, previously of the group Her Vanished Grace. They’re both part of¬†Bushwick Book Club, “a rotating group of songwriters and performers of all ...


Logwitch – “The 2nd Glance : Askew”

Logwitch is an interesting act based out of Edmonds, Washington, who spans numerous genres to find his own niche within EDM. His new album, Trail of the Contortionist, “melodically tells a Lovecraftian tale filled with am...