Posted April 11, 2017 by Mike Mineo in Tracks

LakeCube – “Atmospheric Rivers”

LakeCube is the atmospheric, psychedelic project of Luke Bace, out of Berkeley, California. According to Bace, his gripping new single “Atmospheric Rivers” features “field recordings from a camping trip with my wife where we almost got eaten by a bear as well as a textural world of mbiras and synths.” It’s a consuming listen throughout. which grows from the cricket-chirping ambiance of the outdoors over calm synths into an expansive piece of chillwave-laden psych-pop. His vocals remind of Washed Out, with his soaring vocals serving especially well during the lush bridge at 01:40, which leads into gargles of synths and eventual fade-out of rhythms. It’s a nice piece of developing songwriting, and one that shows LakeCube as a project full of ample atmospheric and hook-laden potential.

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