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Archive for February 23rd, 2018
Indie Rock

Michael Savage – “Nothing Good”

Pleasant guitar twangs and a slight backing organ kick off the delectable “Nothing Good” from Michael Savage, an artist out of Fremantle, Western Australia whose joyous sound is inspired by fellow Australian coastal...
Indie Pop

Lip Service – “Together”

Belgian act Lip Service show a shimmering, hook-y vein of pop on new track “Together,” a joyous listen. Smooth, exuberant beginnings lead into an excellent hook at 00:22, with twinkling keys mixing excellently with ...


Swimming Bell – “Route 72”

“Route 72” is a track from Swimming Bell, the project of Katie Schottland. Her sound is ethereal and touching, playing on haunting folk in a way that expertly utilizes her smooth croon. The “through the pines ...
Indie Pop

Dead Seem Old – “Mischief”

London-based Dead Seem Old is a pop project from Thom Wicks and frequent collaborator Javier Weyler. The duo got their start with the debut single “They Won’t Find Us,” aiming for a sound resembling “Gri...


DVST8RS – “Chemicals”

“Chemicals” is an infectious, energetic piece of alternative hip-hop, embracing the playful hip-hop embrace of Das Racist while also following an electro-tinged infectiousness reminiscent of Chromeo. The track is on...