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Robert Wyatt Continues an Enduring Legacy

First off, I hope everyone’s holidays treated them well. I took a break from the site for a week and I come back feeling relatively relaxed. After that arduous (though heavily rewarding) “Best Albums of 2007” ...
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The Best Albums of 2007

by Mike Mineo Albums #01 to #10 Albums #11 to #20 Albums #21 to #30 Albums #31 to #40 Albums #41 to #50


Best Albums of 2007: #10 to #01

———————————————————————————————– 10...

Best Albums of 2007: #20 to #11

———————————————————————————————– 20...


Best Albums of 2007: #30 to #21

———————————————————————————————– 30...

Best Albums of 2007: #40 to #31

———————————————————————————————– 40...


Best Albums of 2007: #50 to #41

Oh, here we are again. I hope you were looking forward to this as much as I was. 2007 was a great year in music and, just like last year, I have rediscovered a bunch of great artists from the earlier months of ’07 in the ...

Steve Aoki’s Pillowface and His Airplane Chronicles

If you live in Los Angeles, attend parties every weekend (or weekday), and love to dance (or just listen to it), then the name Steve Aoki probably sounds more familiar than George W. Bush. Aoki has more fans, I can say that muc...


British Sea Power Likes Rock Music

The “sophomore slump” is a term that has been applied a countless number of times for musicians, with indie-rock artists arguably being in that recent undesirable majority. It often proves difficult to attempt to pi...

Mike Ladd Turns on the Nostalgialator

In terms of self-coined genres, the result is often either overbearingly descriptive or shockingly accurate with no wavering point, especially when “Afro-” is the preceding article to a genre that is considered some...