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Archive for July 19th, 2018

Air Announce New Album

The Smashing Pumpkins aren’t the only ones to pay tribute to Georges Méliès’ silent short film Le Voyage Dans La Lune. French electronic duo Air take a bow to Méliès with their new album, its name the same as the fi...

New Radiohead Tour Dates, Remixes

Radiohead announced five new tour dates in Europe for their 2012 tour, with dates in late June and early July for Italy and Germany: June 30 – Rome @ Hyppodrome Capanelle July 1 – Florence @ Parco Delle Cascine 3 &#...


Martin Gore + Vince Clarke = VCMG

Synth-pop powerhouses Martin Gore and Vince Clarke have formed a band, VCMG, and will release a series of EPs and a new album in early 2012. Their first EP, Spock, will be released November 30th through Beatport, followed by a ...

mr. Gnome – Madness in Miniature (2011)

After delivering several albums with flashes of brilliance but a lack of consistency, mr. Gnome have taken their biggest stride with Madness in Miniature, their third full-length album. Their previous two carried a common plagu...


Kamikaze Hearts: An Upstate Retrospective

Of all the upstate NY bands to show promise in the last five years – only to fizzle out – did any show more promise than the Kamikaze Hearts? If there was, I didn’t hear them. No other band quite captured the ...