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Tracks and Cards: Great Indie Songs to Play Casino Games by


Indie Music Suggestions to Improve your Casino Gaming

Believe it or not, music is one of the many secret weapons of people when playing in a casino. Predictably, listening to music allows you to “psych your opponents out in the mere fact that you will be relaxed and will have no kind of emotion,” shared Obliterati.net. By employing this practice, “your opponents will be at a disadvantage as they will have a hard time reading your face,” the website added.

Of course, you have to know the right genre of music that will complement your type. If you’re the easily-stressed type of person, then indie music is for you.

For those who don’t have any playlists yet, we have compiled a short list of indie music suggestions which can help you improve your gameplay when in a casino.

The Decemberists
Genre: indie folk, progressive rock, baroque pop
Game style: calm, patient
Recommended track for maximum casino earnings: ‘Shiny’

When playing at slot machines or card tables in a casino, it is essential that you remain cool throughout the game. This is exactly what the music of The Decemberist can bring and more. Since their formation in 2000, this five-man band from Portland, Oregon has been producing instrumentally lush ballads one after the other. Their 2001 track ‘Shiny’, for one, features a blend of instruments like the accordion, Hammond organ, and upright bass, which can set any person’s mood from anxious to calm.

Miike Snow
Genre: psychedelic pop, house, indietronica, alternative dance
Game style: moderately active, aggressive
Recommended track for maximum casino earnings: ‘Animal’

If you need to keep yourself grounded and playing it cool in blackjack or other card games, listen to the song ‘Animal’ by Swedish indie pop group Miike Snow. Released in February 2009, this track has “lyrical vignettes and hooks that seem awkward at first listen, (then) gloriously different the next,” musicOMH writer Ben Hogwood described. These characteristics, combined with the group’s sharp, catchy pure pop sounds, can help casino you focus more. It will also help inspire them to step up your game.

It’s a really great song to listen to when playing roulette — I hope it will bring you the luck!

Arctic Monkeys
Genre: psychedelic rock, post-punk revival
Game style: tight, strong
Recommended track for maximum casino earnings: ‘Fake Tales of San Francisco’

Now that you have established a viable pace for your gameplay, the next thing you need to do is to maintain it. What better way to achieve this than with Arctic Monkeys’ “Fake Tales of San Francisco”. This particular track from their 2006 album Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not has observant and hard-hitting lines, masked in a mixture of bouncy rhythm with punk-pop and shoegaze. It can pump up any person during a line of bad runs at live card game tables, and even when going online. Due to the success of their songs like ‘Fake Tales…’, Arctic Monkeys have been able to perform in several casinos across Europe and abroad.

So there you have it, some great indie music that will accompany your casino gaming adventures. Do you have any other suggestions for a great gaming playlist?

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