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Benefits of Listening to Vinyl Instead of MP3s

Vinyl or MP3?

Technology is constantly evolving, be it be in gaming and gambling industry on websites such as Mecca Bingo, or in the world of music. We are constantly trying to evolve what we already love, and try to make it better. From record players to 8-tracks to cassette tapes to CDs and to MP3s, it seems like our methods of storing and listening to music have only gotten better. However, there are many benefits of listening to vinyl instead of MP3s:

Sound Quality

Many people believe that the sound quality of older music formats are inferior to MP3 quality, but this really isn’t true. MP3s compress the data of their music files in order to create more space on the storage device. It may not be noticeable to the casual listener, but music lovers can tell you that there is definitely a noticeable sound quality difference between MP3s and vinyl records with vinyl records beating out the digital format due to not compressing the music. Sound quality is one of several benefits of listening to vinyl instead of MP3s


One of the reasons that people like vinyl records over MP3s is the style of their storage containers. Vinyl records come in large cardboard sleeves that usually have large and detailed photos and artwork as the album cover. Today, you can also play vinyl on a portable record player. Some of them even open up to show you additional information on the album. MP3s may also show album art in the MP3 player window, but the screen and picture are so small that it’s usually not even worth it to have it there.

Physical Copies

One of the biggest benefits of having vinyl records over MP3s is that vinyl records are physical copies of the music that you purchase. With MP3s, there’s a chance that the music files stored on your computer or MP3 player will be erased in some way such as an error, computer virus or an accidental deletion. While many online music stores will allow you to download your music again in such events, not all of them do. In addition, the copies only stay around as long as the online music store stays in operation. If they close down, your music files may be gone for good. Vinyl records allow you to always have a physical copy of your music, another one of several benefits of listening to vinyl instead of MP3s As long as the records are well taken of, there’s minimal chance that the music files will ever be lost.

There are many benefits to owning vinyl records over MP3s. Whether it’s convenience, style or simple nostalgia, anyone can find benefit in owning vinyl records.

Jason Kane is a vinyl enthusiast and avid music blogger. Jason writes for SoundStageDirect, a provider of Rega RP8 Turntables and other vinyl equipment. 


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