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Archive for June 18th, 2018

Obscure Sound: Best of January 2014

Sorry for the delay in this month’s compilation, but at least this now has the potential to serve as a bright spot for Valentine’s Day non-participants. Well, that’s assuming the compilation is any good, which...

Taani Ester – “Kangaroo”

I don’t know any Hebrew, but the title of this track seems fairly obvious by its irresistibly infectious hooks, where the word “kangaroo” is apparent over a variety of perky guitar bursts, upbeat vocal melodie...


Khary Durgans – “Love & Anchors” ft. Smithsoneon

I first posted about up-and-coming rapper Khary Durgans a few months ago with his song “Sorry Khary“. This time around, Khary drops the title track off his upcoming release, Love & Anchors, which drops officiall...