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Archive for July 20th, 2018

Det lilla extra – “Himlen är nära”

Even though The Knife seem to be the current face of oddball Swedish electronica, the scene is thriving with plenty of other talented groups like Det lilla extra. Based out of Umeå, Sweden, their grasp of dark and deeply affect...

AstroMike Gordon – “Youthful Spite”

When you collide the jangly guitar-pop of The Housemartins with David Bowie’s spacey ambition and David Byrne’s idiosyncratically melodic vocals you get something along the lines of AstroMike Gordon, a delightful gr...


Very Americans – “Without A Trace”

Very Americans are a group out of Harrisburg, PA capable of grandiose alt-rock efforts like “Without A Trace”, a track that shows their ability to concisely and excitedly deliver a hook-filled punch. Their polished ...