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A Review of Ditto Music Label Services

If you are an aspiring recording artist with dreams of making it big in the music industry, you have a potential route to success that simply wasn’t there just two decades ago. With the help of Ditto Music, it is now possible to start your very own record label. Some industry-leading services and the guidance of music professionals can open up a world of possibilities, and you don’t need to sign away your rights to royalties in the process.

Get your music played on the radio

Getting your tracks onto a radio station’s playlist can be the catalyst for a successful career in the music business. Ditto Music offers a radio plugging service that aims to get your tracks in front of the most prominent, in-demand pluggers around. These guys are inundated with requests from aspiring artists, but Ditto has working relationships with them – giving your music a fighting chance of grabbing the attention of the right people. Ditto can introduce you to the pluggers who are most likely to identify with your work – the first step to winning a prized spot on radio playlists.

Expert public relations

Forging a career in music is only partly about the quality of your material and live performances. You will also need to create hype around you as an artist. Ditto Music has developed close working relationships with many of the most illustrious names in the world of public relations. These PR executives and organisations can get your biography onto the most popular music blogs around. This can get people listening to your music and identifying with you as an artist – both essential aspects of a fledgling career in the industry.

The expert assistance of a top music producer

Although your music may have potential, it may still be a little rough around the edges – lacking the professional polish a top producer provides. Ditto Music has open lines of communication with several of the UK’s top music professionals. This puts you in touch with the person who is right for you and your material. And working with a revered producer could attract the attention of the major labels.

Produce a professional music video

Ditto Music has a proven track record of progressing the career of aspiring musicians. One of the ways the experts at Ditto guide their clients to success is by teaming them up with some of the top video directors around. Anyone looking to make it in the 21st-century music industry needs to have a video. Exposure on sites such as YouTube and Vevo can give you a worldwide audience, but it’s important that your music video does justice to your material.

Ditto has access to a comprehensive list of video directors and producers. Depending on your style and genre, you will be introduced to the individual who is best placed to create a music video that befits your work and persona.

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