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Best Albums of 2014: #31 to #40

The top albums of 2014 continue to be revealed, with albums 31 to 40 being explored.
Top Albums

Best Albums of 2014: #41 to #50

We begin digging into the best albums of 2014, complete with write-ups and free audio streams. The first ten albums are...


Tom Flash – “Lose Control”

Kicked off by heavy slaps of distorted guitar, Tom Flash’s new track “Lose Control” reminds me of the crunchy and ferocious alt-rock of Queens of the Stone Age — especially upon the powerful guitar empha...

Daisy Victoria – “Nobody Dies”

Daisy Victoria’s debut EP, Heart Full of Beef, impressed earlier this year with its fierce yet atmospheric sound, which I compared at the time to Lower Dens and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. With gorgeous waves of distortion envel...


Claus Zinger – “To Be So Sad”

The music of Jerusalem-based singer/songwriter Claus Zinger features a uniquely creaking vocal delivery and versatile stylistic arsenal, as shown on the well-received feature of his track “I Went Down the Road Today”...

i am Love – “Pillar of Salt”

Download i am Love Pillar of Salt MP3: i am Love – “Pillar of Salt” “Pillar of Salt” is the opening track off the upcoming self-titled release from i am Love, a group that started as Joshua Christo...