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Archive for June 18th, 2018

Patrick Joseph – “Setting Sun”

With its creaky acoustics, solemn piano, and sliding twangs, Patrick Joseph casts a wonderfully mysterious melancholic feel throughout the captivating “Setting Sun”. It’s easy to fawn over the trickle of piano...
Dream-Pop + Shoegaze

Starar – “Talisman”

Immediately, “Talisman” soothes listeners with waves of warm, gauzy guitars. Combined with the near-cooing of the vocals’ fragile touch, the gorgeously mysterious atmosphere is quickly and effectively concocte...


Vera Vera – “The Future, Forever”

“The Future, Forever” creatively incorporates versatile live percussion with both entrancing synth arpeggios and post-punk guitar crawls, resulting in a striking sound that Atlanta-based rockers Vera Vera should be ...