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Archive for July 21st, 2018

The Plastics – “Sun Scream”

Based out of Cape Town, The Plastics’ music sounds like it’s perpetually in sunshine (without ever getting sunburn). Their third full-length, In Threes, is a breezy run-through of illuminated pop gems; it’s a ...
Dream-Pop + Shoegaze

Black Seas – “Trembling”

Black Seas’ introduction hooked me immediately; they said their music “features big shoegaze-y guitars and melodramatic vocals” and noted they “love Felt, MBV, and Scott Walker.” So now that we had...


TOPAZ – “Lies”

TOPAZ is a 22-year-old Chicago native churning out colorfully atmospheric psych-pop gems. His new EP, Phrases, is a very impressive collection of six tracks that tout TOPAZ’ forte, which on the opener “Lies” s...

Old Sea Brigade – “Love Brought Weight”

Old Sea Brigade isn’t a project that’s shifting stylistic tides with its sound, a hushed and quaint form of folk that brings to mind artists like Bon Iver. Still, what it intends to do – it does very well. Lus...