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Archive for July 21st, 2018

SK – “The Breather”

“The Breather” features Sierra Leone-based hip-hop artist Sheik aka SK touting his flow over an evolving psychedelic beat, showing bursts of stylistic ingenuity throughout. The inclusion of brassy-like synths around...

Ula Ruth – “Strung Out”

Ula Ruth is a quartet based out of New York. The band mixes elements of alternative rock with punk-rock undertones, all while maintaining a shimmering hook-laden sound with passionate vocals and versatile soundscapes. “St...


Giungla – “Cold”

A swelling distorted synth and Ema’s crisply enthralling vocals make “Cold” hypnotic from the get-go. The halted section around 01:05 is a nice lead-in to the verse’s reprisal, with the subsequent more s...
Dream-Pop + Shoegaze

ultraviolet – “Hearts in the Sand”

Austin’s ultraviolet are a duo with a beautifully developmental vein of dream-pop, one steeped heavily in shoegaze influence. Their sound features Caitlin Craighead’s wistfully ethereal vocals overlapping carefully ...


Litany – “Work This Out”

“Work This Out” is the newly released single from Litany, a duo from Harrogate that show themselves as a UK counterpart to acts like Toro y Moi and others able to implement smooth elements of R&B and synth-pop ...

Mind the Journey – “Rose Colored Glasses”

Connecticut-based Spencer Sabo got his start in music as a drummer, before discovering the keyboard at age 17. The one-two punch of having a grasp on both these instruments naturally led him toward the realm of audio production...