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Playing a Roulette of Life


The symbol of roulette is very emblematic in our life. Everything falls under the chance to happen or not. Basically, our whole life is a simple roulette. We spin it, it turns, and we either win or lose. The more we exercise in it, the more chances we have to find something valuable in life.

If you play online roulette in New Zealand, you will probably get a good prize. If you go to Roulette the Musical, you will receive the whole spectrum of unforgettable emotions in a different way. It is a wonderful project that was created by famous producers and composers, using new-edge technology. This musical is all about life being a roulette that tests our luck again and again. Spin it, and you will find pride, envy, lust, sloth, greed, wrath… That is what Roulette the Musical tells about. Everything is expressed with delightful, sophisticated music. It is a deluxe creation. The soundtracks will hardly leave you indifferent.

Classic and modern motifs meet in harmony in this music. Each soundtrack reflects the emotions one can have in the lifetime. Each melody is pleasant to hear, not aggressive and light. It can talk about pride and wrath but still sounds very tender, calm. It is great to start the day with and finish it.

Roulette the Musical will be enjoyed, especially by those who appreciate a profound piano melody. Pianoforte is the instrument that sounds nearly in every composition. All the palette of the sounds it can give you will hear in the musical. It is harmonically combined with other instruments.

The philosophy, internal idea of Roulette the Musical is to show that our life is full of different human emotions and we never know which one we can experience the next time. The tonality of the melodies is medium. They do not contain very low or very high chords. Composed and performed by talents in the music industry, they are like good wine that makes your evening unforgettable. The music tends to tell not only about positive parts of human life, but still each soundtrack transmits so much vital power, joy of life and strength to fight that you can’t stop listening to it. It is amazingly assertive music.

Tender and wise songs that were written exclusively for the musical do create a positive mood and are excellent to relax or think about life. They tell about basic human values and feelings.

Roulette the Musical was written for those who enjoy and take life as it is, keeping smiling whatever happens. It brings wisdom, vitality and courage to move on. Our life is a roulette, but still we are the ones who spin it. It is the unique musical.

The critics gave the highest assessment to this work. There is no doubt it is a remarkable creation in the artistic world of our time.

Enjoy wonderful chords of Roulette the Musical!

Mike Mineo

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