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Archive for July 21st, 2018

Pinegrove – “Old Friends”

Cardinal by Pinegrove “Old Friends”, the opening track on the excellent debut album, Cardinal, from Montclair, New Jersey’s Pinegrove combines all the best aspects of the band. There’s the country-esque twang of frontman Evan S...

The Sun Band – “Never Seen”

During a frigid New England winter, listening to bright music soothes and warms the soul. On first listen – with their serene guitar twangs and wavy acoustics – you might think that The Sun Band hail from somewhere ...


SIR – “Wine and Regrets”

Taking cues from modern indie rock bands like The Neighbourhood and X Ambassadors, SIR have found a way to blend soulful R&B vocals with brooding rock beats, bringing out the best of both genres. “Wine and RegretsR...

SOMBA – “The Ox”

Brazilian jam band SOMBA has been at it for nearly two decades now, but their music  remains  inspired. With four albums to their name, the four-piece continues to ride strong with their chilled-out rock.  On “The Ox̶...


Gibberish – “Rudedude”

“Rudedude” is a fantastic new track from psych-pop duo Gibberish, whose 2015 full-length Winter Coat stands as one of the finest records of the year. Derek and Lorie Bromley showcased their evident ability on stando...

Tehnoloogiline Päike- “A02 Breaking It”

First things first – yes, the Estonian band’s name can be a mouthful (it directly translates into “Technological Sun”), but their music is likely some of the most experimental synth-pop you’ve hear...