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Archive for July 21st, 2018

Charles – “Chill Pill”

“Chill Pill” begins with alternating between a funky energetic beat and more tranquil electronica, epitomizing brilliantly the process of transitioning from busy chaos to a relaxing couch-bound setting. The R&B-...

Peridot – “Capsules”

Consequences by Peridot “Capsules” is a slice of dark, spacey synth-pop magic, coming via Portland, Oregon-based husband/wife duo Peridot. The project started out as a vehicle for simple cover songs, and has evolved...


Vandfald – “Abigail”

“Abigail” begins lushly and infectiously, with a serene voice accompanying gentle key trickles and jangly guitar reverberations. The guitar segment around 00:50 is a nicely angular bridge to the ensuing verse, which...
Dream-Pop + Shoegaze

Junior Rocket Scientist – “Why”

Why by Junior Rocket Scientist Growing distortion and a bouncy bass line begin this tantalizing effort from Boise, Idaho-based Junior Rocket Scientist, immediately showing as excitingly likable with the vocal introduction 20 se...