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Archive for July 21st, 2018

Night Palms – “Clinch Mountain Part II”

Lancaster-based trio Night Palms show enormous promise, with a timeless sort of sound inspired by the likes of Jeff Buckley, Neil Young, and Nick Cave. In a contemporary sense, they bring to mind Timber Timbre, who ride similar...

The Junction – “City Nights”

“City Nights” is a striking stylistic excursion into neon-tinged funk and pop, with a slow disco-like sorta feel in its playful bass line and “all those city nights” vocal hook. The lead vocals enter sea...


Patchwork Guilt – “Gold Books”

Gentle in its melodic trickling as it may be, “Gold Books” has a powerful ethereal quality that will sound somewhat familiar to fans of Kate Bush, forcefully infectious but never departing a sort of purple-tinged en...

Jane’s Party – “Coming On Strong”

Already opening for acts like Manic Street Preachers, Tom Odell, and the Maccabees, Toronto-based quartet Jane’s Party have found quick success as a quickly enjoyable rock outfit with a Brit-pop touch. Delightfully catchy...