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Archive for July 21st, 2018

HALA – “Club Soda”

Club Soda by HALA “Club Soda” was written by Ian Ruhala after spending a lovely evening with some drinks and a woman of interest. According to the group, the track’s line “you’re not my club soda; ...

Imre Elzer – “Some of Us”

Imre Elzer is a Dutch musician living in Norway who performs and produces the majority of his music as a one-man project. With an EP and album released in 2015, Elzer has two new singles out this year, including the otherworldl...


Osmoji – “Dance With You”

Osmoji’s musical ambitions began at age 6, when he began playing piano and eventually took up classical lessons, only to find himself distracted by melodic meandering more fit for a genre-defying songwriter. Now, at the a...

roco – “bloody hands”

Based out of Nashville, indie-rock group roco just put out a new track today, “bloody hands”, from their upcoming album. Frankly, it’s a stunning one — traversing from quaint fragmented guitar trickles i...