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Archive for July 21st, 2018
Dream-Pop + Shoegaze

Slowcoaching – “Night Fiction”

Melbourne-based Dean Valentino is Slowcoaching, a highly engaging music project whose new single “Night Fiction” explores “the isolating anxiety that can creep in from nowhere and the crippling search for fami...

Tipling Rock – “Low Tide Love”

Boston-based quartet Tipling Rock mesh together surf-rock’s trickling nonchalance with the hook-filled ferocity of The Strokes’ vein of garage-rock, these two styles apparent in the structural distinctions within &#...

Dream-Pop + Shoegaze

Plastic Picnic – “Nausea in Paradise”

Although based out of Brooklyn, Plastic Picnic is comprised of four “Pacific Northwest transplants” who converge the West Coast’s enjoyably relaxed vibes with a shimmering post-punk touch reminiscent of Wild N...

IDLTRY – “Magician”

IDLTRY is a psych-rock group based out of Moscow with a lively hook-filled sound that will appeal both to fans of Arctic Monkeys’ scraggly guitar-led fervor as well as Tame Impala’s soaring and anthemic form of psyc...


High Rule – “FOMO”

Chicago-based duo High Rule work off playful synths, charismatic lead vocals, and punchy female vocal samples as a percussive element on infectious new track “FOMO”, which reminds of Hot Chip in its part-nonchalant ...