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Archive for June 20th, 2018

Memoryy – “Out of the Dark”

“Out of the Dark” is an excellent new electro-pop single from Memoryy, previously featured with the anthemic “All My Love”. “Out of the Dark” is a darker-tinged, ’80s-inspired success t...

White Kite – “Swans”

East London four-piece White Kite “enjoy mixing synthesisers with drum machines and big distorted guitars”, evidenced well by their new track “Swans”. The synthesizers and drum machines take the initial ...


Holy ’57 – “Jep Shuffle”

Holy ’57 is a project out of London with a crisp and refreshing sound. Newly released single “Jep Shuffle” uses tropical-minded key arpeggios, surf-y guitar tones, and youthfully exuberant vocals reminiscent o...

Isra – “Truthtellers”

Copenhagen-based group Isra have a sparkling new single called “Truthtellers”, an infectious and summer-y effort that blends indie-pop with some very nifty electronic influences. Band member Hjalmar Littauer explain...