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Archive for June 20th, 2018

HATE DRUGS – “Never Wanna Leave”

“Never Wanna Leave” recalls bittersweet ballads of the ’50s and ’60s, as tinges of surf-pop and other beach-set vibes made their way into classical pop song structures. Beach-set acts have been consisten...

Ocean Floor – “Super”

“Super” is the first single off Ocean Floor’s upcoming EP, “recorded completely DIY in a cramped bedroom with borrowed equipment.” Certainly proud of its lo-fi aesthetic, and rightly so, the track ...


Plymouth Fury – “Double Middle Fingers”

Paris-based rockers Plymouth Fury’s constantly excitable sound shows in full form throughout “Double Middle Fingers”, a raucous effort that recalls the infectiously excitable tone of fuzz-friendly Brit-pop roc...

Justin Sosa – “Makes Me Believe”

Justin Sosa is a promising singer/songwriter with a great knack for hooks, as his new track “Makes Me Believe” shows. A nonchalant verse featuring occasional twinkles and mellow guitars helps establish easy-minded v...


THØSS – “Keep Going”

THØSS’ “Keep Going” is a breezy delight, where the talented singer/songwriter yearns for lonely nights over a delightfully twangy guitar accompaniment. The track is the final song off his newly released debut ...