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Archive for May 25th, 2018

Trillionayers – “Alive”

The second single from Trillionayers, “Alive” is just that — a living, breathing take on party-set rock ‘n’ roll that’s another excellent addition to Australia’s fine psych-rock scene. ...

Pete Lehar – “Off the Table”

“Off the Table” is a shimmering piece of jangle-pop from Boston-based Pete Lehar. Bright guitar strutting and synth flourishes accompany Lehar’s warbled voice, leading into the multi-layered vocal chorus aroun...


Mons Vi – “Want Me Too”

Another great one from Mons Vi, “Want Me Too” begins with suave lushness that almost recalls Latin jazz-pop with its shuffling percussion and gentle guitar twangs, like an ethereal lo-fi Steely Dan. The chorus ̵...

Catching Flies – “Change of Hearts”

We last featured Catching Flies over three years ago, when the atmospheric electronic producer from London dropped the track “Grey Skies“. The effort made his knack for drizzly ambient electronica, complete with tra...


Nix Moon – “Homebound”

Nix Moon are a quartet with a colorful instrumental arsenal that includes “guitars, bass, drums, bouzouki, flute, keys, a range of hand drums and four-part harmonies.” Like influence Paul Simon, the group shows a ve...

Molly Moore – “Natural Disaster” (MTS Remix)

Stirring strings and riveting keys serve as the instrumental forces throughout “Natural Disaster” (MTS Remix), though it’s Molly Moore’s fierce vocals and knack for hook-y melodic variation that shines b...