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Archive for May 25th, 2018

Ancient Cities – “Marmalade” + “Supermoon Blackout”

An impressive and so-far prolific group of Charlotte, NC, Ancient Cities was formed in 2013 by multi-instrumentalist/songwriter Stephen Warwick, who some may recognize from his acclaimed 2010 solo release Talking Machine. Sever...

see ame – “Can’t” + “Simple”

See Ame is a solo project out of San Francisco, already capable of haunting dream-pop soundscapes that bring to mind Beach House’s ethereal lushness as well as Chromatics’ nocturnal stirrings. Per Ame, she “cr...


Cael Dadian – “Saved” + “Pay It Back”

Cael Dadian is a fiercely talented pop songwriter and vocalist whose recent gospel infusions have resulted in two phenomenal tracks: “Saved” and “Pay It Back”. Listening to his rich sound, it’s ama...
Post-Punk + Shoegaze

PJ Orr – “Mona Lisa”

Aussie rock group Hailer impressed numerous times in years past, especially with the tracks “Spooky Clams” and “Digging Holes“. The former’s sound beckoned to a unique mold of dark Brit-pop (early ...