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Archive for May 25th, 2018

Asava – “Avant Garden”

Avant Garden by Asava “Avant Garden” is the first release from Philadelphia-based duo Asava, who have three other singles ready on the future docket and have a monthly release schedule planned. So if you dig “...

Late Hala – “Good Thing”

Late Hala is comprised of cousins Dan and Alexi, based out of London. They started playing guitar together early on, exploring blues and rock at a young age. However, life caused their musical pursuits to take a break momentari...


Rudy & The Dunk Reactions – “Believe”

We already knew Rudy & The Dunk Reactions was a project full of fun, evidenced by their “Game of Drones” music video a little over a month ago. Now, the 31-year old electronic producer from Seattle has his thir...
Post-Punk + Shoegaze

Baby Fire – “Water”

The debut single from Tokyo-based trio Baby Fire, “Water” latches onto a vein of dreamy, shoegaze-influenced pop that fans of Blonde Redhead and Asobi Seksu will greatly enjoy. Apart from all possessing a female voc...


Modern Leisure – “Ella For Real”

“Ella For Real” is a very impressive first showing from Modern Leisure, a new indie-pop/folk-rock project headed by Casey Banker (formerly of Shady Elders, The Don’ts and Be Carefuls). Naming influences like T...