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Archive for July 21st, 2018

LOVING – “The Not Real Lake”

LOVING by LOVING LOVING’s gorgeous eponymous debut release presents a laid-back alternative lo-fi sound, its stylistic approach reminding me fondly of Little Joy’s 2008 eponymous debut. Similarly to that, lush guita...

Matt Elleray – “Talk Baby”

Somewhere in the midst of King Krule’s darkly developing soundscapes, Mac DeMarco’s suave psych-friendly delivery, and Dent May’s funk-laden infectiousness, Matt Elleray’s stylistic approach lives. Simul...


Sing, Bird of Prey – “Microsatellite”

Crystal Embryo by Sing, Bird of Prey Sing, Bird of Prey produce fluid and melodic indie-rock out of the Lehigh Valley/Poconos area in PA, where they find a beautiful middle ground between classic psych-rock and contemporary ind...

Jovana Golubovic – “How Can I Make You Love Me”

Jovana Golubovic is a singer/songwriter presently based out of Vancouver, and originally from Croatia (where the music video for her new track “You and I” takes place). That song in particular, which touts a stylish...