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Archive for July 22nd, 2018

The Birthday Letters – “Lesser Evil”

“Lesser Evil” caught my attention from the get-go, especially with a chorus whose vocal approach (the grandiose backing vocal exuberance) reminds strongly of XTC, a personal favorite and act whose songwriting is ful...

Beverly Shrills – “Space Invaders”

Kicked off by friendly guitar fuzz and a line that describes listening to Death From Above when you should be listening, “Space Invaders” has an immediate youthful charm in its lyrical content, as well as the swanky...


Gentoo – “this is as far as we go”

Dallas-based ambient/IDM act Gentoo is the alias for producer/multi-instrumentalist Damon Kelly, who highlights highly impressive atmospheric abilities throughout new track “this is as far as we go”, released on Jan...

Anne Hall – “Fixed”

Wonderful by Anne Hall Anne Hall is an emerging singer/songwriter who impresses on the track “Fixed”. Verses entail nostalgic guitar twinkles, while the entry of a light organ during the chorus alongside ooh-ooh-ing...


Eric Frisch – “Drift Away”

We’ve featured Eric Frisch in years past, on tracks like ’50s/’60s pop homage “Pretty Girls” and fairly recently with surf-rock/AM-radio gem “The Light Ahead“. He’s shown a tenden...