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Archive for July 22nd, 2018

Memoryy – “I Thought You Needed My Love” (feat. Odd Year)

The first single off Memoryy’s upcoming Skeletons EP, “I Thought You Needed My Love” sports a swelling synth-pop vibe in its initial creep, leading to a very convincing hook around the one-minute mark that rem...

Yfee – “Dead Tech”

Warbled synths and phone-convo-esque vocal sample lends an intriguing introduction to “Dead Tech”. Vocal production, specifically the echo at 00:41, adds a great psychedelic element that plays aptly alongside the hy...


Rebecca Schiffman – “Nico”

Rebecca Schiffman by Rebecca Schiffman “Nico” is an excellent track from emerging Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Rebecca Schiffman. The shuffling percussion, gentle piano, and hazy organ comprise a very engagin...

David Rosen – “Back Into the Dark”

David Rosen impressed this past fall with the engrossing “Butterfly“, where an ominous space-y beginning evolved into hypnotic ’80s synth arps reminiscent of the Stranger Things soundtrack. It was my introduct...