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Archive for June 17th, 2018

Maple & Beech – “Cavers”

Cavers (Single) by Maple & Beech Maple & Beech, the Minnesota-based duo of Tyler Tholl and Pete James Johnson, have a recently released track called “Cavers” that hooks quickly. Bouncy synths and guitar tri...
Dream-Pop + Shoegaze

Imperial Manor – “Birthday”

“Birthday” is a hazy ride through murky psych-rock, where Ari Shellist’s dazed vocals work seamlessly around steady percussion, a lush bass line, and psychedelic guitar workings. The whole effort has a ceasele...


Luxury Mane – “Hard to be Easy”

Based out of St. Petersburg, Florida, trio Luxury Mane released an impressive album this past October, Lux Runnin Out. “Hard to be Easy” provides a good showing of what to anticipate, being a bright and psych-friend...
Dream-Pop + Shoegaze

Venn – “Surreal”

DC-based rockers Venn introduced themselves last year with a captivating cover of Slowdive’s “Alison” (below), serving as a tasteful preview of their stylistic leanings, that being shoegaze-y and textural rock...


Obscure Sound: Best Tracks of 2016

I’ve compiled our top 70 tracks of 2016, including both unsigned/independent acts and the more well-known from the year. It’s a great combination of highlights from the year’s greatest albums and single releas...

New Dakotas – “Turn My Head Around”

New Dakotas by New Dakotas Based in the Boston Area, New Dakotas is a catchy power-pop act with members attending Tufts and Harvard. Their first release – a four-track self-titled EP – is an impressive showing that ...