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Archive for May 21st, 2018

Nyre – ‘Say Hello’ EP

SAY HELLO by nyreSan Francisco psych-rockers Nyre craft an intoxicating sound throughout their new EP SAY HELLO, a 7-track collection of efforts that are often concise in length but bursting with ideas and melodic color. They r...

Astro Tan – “The Jetsons”

Symphonic mood-setter “The Jetsons” is a masterful release from Astro Tan, the Portland, OR-based trio most recently featured with “Duck Fat” and “Whiskey + Water“. Mood and atmosphere were q...


Joel Porter – “St. Anthony”

Joel Porter is a promising electronic-acoustic folk artist from North Dakota, who’s presently residing in Nashville. Along with producer Eric Hillman (Foreign Fields) he recently released the Mountain Twin EP, a collectio...

Dog Trainer – “Graffiti”

NYC trio Dog Trainer impresses on their new track, “Graffiti” with a range of lo-fi acoustics, natural percussion, and vintage synth whirring– a preview of the act’s upcoming EP Apartments, out on March ...


Cloud Hands – “Smithereens”

Based out of Elon, North Carolina, Cloud Hands is a five-piece with a penchant for bright, fluttering melodies that aim for both accessible hookiness and more ambitious jam-rock aesthetics, the latter especially present in the ...