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Archive for May 21st, 2018

Boreal Forest – “Capone”

The sound of trickling rain, alongside a jam-friendly assortment of caressing organs and warbled psych-friendly guitars, helps craft an enticing opening soundscape on Boreal Forest’s new track “Capone”. The Mi...

Vilde – “High Horse”

Stockholm-based singer/songwriter Thomas Vilde produces a striking sound on new track “High Horse”, whose 7/4 time signature and assimilation of driving folk and rock makes for a uniquely captivating aesthetic. The ...


The Dovecotes – “Miles Away”

The Dovecotes is comprised of several former members of the group Rare Monk, who impressed many years ago with numerous releases, and a sound that traversed across a wide variety of genres (Celtic punk, avant-garde rock in the ...

Skogursson – “Morning Be Good”

Jacob Skógursson compares the art of songwriting to architecture; the two fields that have always inspired Skógursson, and he notes how “the way I have to combine artistic and technical way to make my architectural projec...

Post-Punk + Shoegaze

Low Weather – “Optimistic”

Optimistic by Low Weather Based out of St. Louis, Low Weather is a four-piece whose new track “Optimistic” projects an engaging sound that’s relatively reminiscent of Interpol’s more accessible efforts. ...

Andrew Goldring – “Cosmic Dance”

Cosmic Dance (Single) by Andrew Goldring Utah-based singer/songwriter Andrew Goldring crafts a beautifully lush soundscape on new single “Cosmic Dance”, where distant vocals and twangy vocals comprise an enticing se...