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Archive for June 21st, 2018

Moon Loves Honey – “Before I Crash”

Danish dream-rock act Moon Loves Honey craft a gorgeous sound, led by the dual-attack vocals of Jeppe Dengsø and Stine Drejer, who harmonize beautifully throughout stunning track “Before I Crash”. It’s a subtl...

PolyAnna – “Alien Baby”

PolyAnna was formed in Brooklyn, NY in the winter of 2016 by two bedroom producers, Austin Emerson and Samir Dahmani. Their debut album Known: Unknown was recorded during the summer of 2016 using now-obsolete equipment. The las...

Dream-Pop + Shoegaze

Bolinas – “Vacation”

In a seemingly never-ending winter, Bolinas’ “Vacation” is a track that should sweep you away to warmer, more pastoral pastures. The dream-pop quartet showcases some supremely serene vibes here, with lush atmo...
Dream-Pop + Shoegaze

HYLA – “Swam Out”

Hailing from Perth, Australia, HYLA are a quartet with a crisp and accessible take on dream-pop. Their submerged layers of guitar and placid vocals resemble shoegaze to an extent, though with a more pop-driven shine also relati...


Ryan Summers – ‘F51.01’

We featured Summers’ previous project, Midwest Soul Xchange, in the past with the track “Roots“. That effort featured an up-front dual vocal approach, showing calm retrospection amidst an energetic chorus. Wit...

Dugo – “Higher Ground”

Takahiro Izutani touts an impressive career that’s likely familiar to a number of fans in TV, music, and video games alike. For starters, he was the co-composer of one of my favorite recent video games in Metal Gear Solid...