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Archive for June 21st, 2018

Vie En Ville – “Telenovela Queen”

Insanely catchy, the new track “Telenovela Queen” Vie En Ville builds initially on a steady glistening piano and an anthemic vocal presence reminiscent of The Killers’ Brandon Flowers. It’s a recipe that...

Meen Streets – “Ice Cold”

Meen Streets, the project of a British-Australian singer/songwriter based in Los Angeles, crafts a spot-on impression of the spacious, anthemic pop tunes from the late ’80s and early ’90s — in the vein of Pet ...


Goldmyth – “Lover’s Letdown”

“Lover’s Letdown” is a mightily impressive debut single from Goldmyth, an singer/songwriter/harpist who appears poised for a very quick rise in recognition. In her youth as a developing songwriter, Goldmyth al...

Beauty Queen – “Yes Please”

In successfully capturing the irresistible emotional aspects of ’50s/’60s rock, “Yes Please” is a stunning success from San Francisco-based act Beauty Queen. Comprised of of Grayson Converse (of the prev...


GRAEF – “Boneclocks”

“Boneclocks” is a haunting alt-rock effort from Dutch group GREAF, touting a creeping, nocturnal electronic soundscape balanced beautifully by an infectiously bouncy bass line and emergent vocals. “All the mon...

One Week Wonder – “Angel Eyes”

One Week Wonder is an Icelandic project comprised of Árni, Magnus, and Helgi. Hardly newcomers, one of the project’s members – Árni – was a founding member of the group Of Monsters And Men. Recently releasing ...