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Archive for June 17th, 2018

Madeleine Mayi – “Strawberry Hair”

“Strawberry Hair” is a twangy slice of melodic pop from Madeleine Mayi. Her vocals, simultaneously serene and chirpy, maneuver with suave melodic precision throughout. The bridge, led by a psych-friendly vocal inter...
Dream-Pop + Shoegaze

Blue Of Noon – “Jacob’s Ladder”

A swelling, aquatic synth pad and bustling post-punk rhythm kicks off “Jacob’s Ladder” in captivating form. The track from Ontario-based Blue of Noon assumes a momentary increase in bounciness alongside the in...


Taipei – “Flashback Man”

Taipei is an alternative/indie-pop project of Finnish artist Henrik Sundström, who strives to create music dripping with warm nostalgia and and melancholy. Mission accomplished on striking new single “Flashback Man”...

mk.gee – “Low Lights”

mk.gee is the project of Michael Gordon, who alternates between New Jersey and Los Angeles, keeping constant a sleek sound that on new single “Low Lights” showcases psych-friendly guitar work reminiscent of War on D...


biyo – “moments”

Nashville duo biyo wrote and recorded their new single “moments” at night on a miniature upright piano, making for an engaging and bouncy listen whose initial aesthetic reminds fondly of Junior Boys. With similarly ...