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Creating the Perfect Environment for the Big Game

Having friends and family members over for the big game is exciting. You want everything perfect and ready in time for kick-off. There are plenty of ways to achieve the right environment without spending a lot of money. 

Having HD TV and surround sound 

When it comes to the game, you want to see the plays and become part of the action. If you’re in the market for a new television, you can really get more out of watching the game with high-quality images and superior sound. Since HD TVs are not new to the market, you can shop around and get a good price. Also, most of these televisions come with the capabilities for adding a home theater, making it easy for you to purchase a sound bar or speakers and transmit in stereo surround sound. This will put you up front and close to the plays and the field. 

Having access to all the scores 

If you’re hosting an NFL Sunday game at your home, having access to the other games’ scores is just as important as watching your team play. Instead of flipping channels back and forth to see who’s winning or losing, and missing awesome plays, why not switch to another service provider that gives you access to all the games played on that day. With DIRECTV – Sunday Ticket you don’t have to miss anything. Having this package even allows you to view several games at once in smaller screens, making your party with family and friends more entertaining.

Great music

When halftime comes along friends and family members have time to interact and catch up. Having an awesome sound selection prepared in advance makes it as easy as turning on a switch to create a fun and festive environment. This is also when you can check the supply levels and restock before the start of the second half. 

Food and beverages

Forget trying to serve a sit-down dinner for the game. The focus today is on the television. Since everyone’s eyes are on the game, there’s little time for leaving the room. Instead, prepare in advance some hot and cold finger foods. You can purchase aluminum trays and place heat underneath them to keep them warm. Stick to serving foods that work like chicken wings in a variety of sauces, chili with the fixings prepared and tableside in advance, bags of chips, pretzels and fresh salsa and cheese. These are just a few example of easy foods to prepare and enjoy while watching the game. For your beverages, make sure that you have a metal tub or large cooler on hand to prevent trips to the refrigerator and load it up with soda, waters, beer and wine coolers. 

Seating for all

If you are having a large number of guests seating can become an issue. Make sure to have couches cleared and all available chairs brought up from the basement and garage, cleaned and ready. If you find that after all you’re searching you still come up a few seats short, ask friends and family members to bring their lawn or folding chair. The last thing you want people to remember about the game is that they were uncomfortable.

Decorate and have fun

Getting ready for the big day is exciting. Don’t be afraid to go all out and put your collectibles, blankets, pillows and other team supplies out on display for the day. It adds atmosphere and gets everyone pumped up from the moment they enter your domain. Set the party table with your team colors. Use matching napkins, a table cover and party favors and then add football themed plates. After all, this is a party and it is a big day.  Also, make sure to have coasters on hand for the beverages. When the parties over simply roll up the plates, napkins and tablecloth and dispose of them. 

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