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Archive for July 22nd, 2018

Volunteer Cheerleader – “The City Is A Bone”

Volunteer Cheerleader is a very melodic and hook-y project formed by two grade school friends, who re-connected in NYC after some time apart. “The City Is A Bone” is a fantastic effort, the project’s first sin...

Lydia Kitto – “Sweet Minds”

“Sweet Minds” is a fully engrossing, enticingly atmospheric stunner from Lydia Kitto, a 22-year-old multi-instrumentalist that appears imminent to rise quickly. She came onto the scene about a year ago with the well...


Wake Child – “In the End”

Boston trio Wake Child puts a showcase on throughout new track “In the End”. Flowing with structural variety, the trickling suaveness of the first vocal-laden verses gives way into a halted bridge and more muscle-y ...

Franz – “Janis”

Franz is the DIY multi-media project of Stephanie Schubert, who writes, produces, and records all of her songs, and directs/edits her music videos. It’s a fully engrossing audio/visual project with considerable atmospheri...