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Archive for July 22nd, 2018

Smashing Birds – “Breaking Waves”

No More Revolutions by Smashing Birds Smashing Birds is a Belgian act whose debut EP, No More Revolutions, casts an enticing ’80s-themed spell on listeners, with a contemporary guitar crunch thrown into the arsenal for go...

Quinn Devlin & The Bridge Street Kings – “Take Your Time (Stay On Your Feet)”

With its suave piano lines, pleasant brass-laden additions, and familiar vocal presence, “Take Your Time (Stay On Your Feet)” wonderfully channels the likes of Van Morrison and Elvis Costello. The new track from Qui...


Shubh Saran – “It Was You”

Hmayra by Shubh Saran New York-based Indian guitarist and composer Shubh Saran has performed throughout the world, captivating audiences in Canada, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and India in addition to stateside. His music touts univer...

Mark Rogers – “Right Here”

Twangy electric and swaying acoustics contribute to a warm, comforting sound to kick things off on Mark Rogers’ recent track “Right Here”. Although not breaking down stylistic barriers or treading too far into...