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Archive for July 22nd, 2018

James Wyatt Crosby – “Candyfloss”

Based out of Southern Ontario, Canada, James Wyatt Crosby shows considerable charm on new track “Candyfloss”. “I’d describe this song as being very soft and sweet, almost purposefully schmaltzy,” h...

Alex Siegel – “Good Leg”

“Good Leg” produces one of the most immediately gratifying sounds I’ve heard all year. Santa Monica, California-based Alex Siegel works his relaxed, melodic vocals around a refreshing array of Latin-tinged aco...

Dream-Pop + Shoegaze

Popinigis and Andressa Dias – “Falling Apart”

A hazy dream-pop organ sequence kicks off “Falling Apart”, before a bouncy key-laden progression takes form alongside glistening trickles. The beginning to the track is immediately enticing, a fine result the byprod...