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Archive for October 15th, 2018

Nsay Mada – “Cumulus”

Richmond, VA-based artist Nsay Mada channels vintage R&B on fantastic new single “Cumulus”, where mellow keys and a soulful vocal presence remind aesthetically of Paul Weller’s ’80s project The Styl...

Tyler & Eye – “Sweetest Friend”

“Sweetest Friend” is a winning track that rides on a consuming ’70s groove with modern electronic flourishes. Stefan Ng formed the project out of his Boston dorm room, concocting a sound reminding of his brigh...

Dream-Pop + Shoegaze

Cascade Falls – “You’re the Last One”

Canadian act Cascade Falls specialize in “languid, retro-shoegaze for pensive times”, as evidenced on the soaring track “You’re the Last One”. Airy vocals complement a dark bass line, rumbling alon...

Dream Phases – “Summer Daze”

Los Angeles-based group Dream Phases conjure a sound steeped in classic ’60s and ’70s influence, with elements of soul and country mingling with modern pop sensibilities for a melodic cohesion of the past and presen...