Posted May 3, 2017 by Mike Mineo in Features

Come for the Game, Stay for the Music

Games wouldn’t be the same without music – I think that’s something we can state with certainty. The music playing in the background while we play makes the game not only more enjoyable but often “a whole”, as they say – the visuals and the action intertwine in a synergy, elevating the experience and often the morals of the player. And the soundtrack often makes an otherwise mediocre game stand out, turning it into a special creation instead of “just another game” – like in the case of the slot machines below that you can try at All Slots Online Casino.

Red Hot Devil

A game seemingly dreamt up by a rocker from the 1970s, relieving stress at the All Slots since 2014. Both the visuals and the sounds of Red Hot Devil are reminiscent of this golden age of rock – it has roses, dice, cards, hearts, scorpions, and other flaming hot symbols on its reels, and even the Red Hot Devil herself often pays a visit. Things heat up even more when three flaming hearts land on the reels – the Devil comes, showing us her tight latex outfit and her horns for a red hot and quite lucrative side game. Even if you’re not into the game itself, playing its soundtrack in the background is enough to make you feel better after a long and stressful day.

Electric Diva

A slot machine with a backstory, however simple it might be: Electric Diva is a diva with an electric guitar, dressed in a tight and hot latex outfit. But when something horrible happens – aliens invade our planet – she turns into a mystical creature, set to protect our world from any malevolent force that might threaten our lives and our freedom. The game has it all – bats, scorpions, alien robot drones, and a mellow guitar background music that speeds up when the alien drones arrive (activating the bonus game). The game itself is not much more than an average slot machine with an alien invasion theme – it’s the background music played by an unknown artist (with no credit whatsoever attached to the game) that makes it stand out of the hundreds of others at the All Slots Casino.


Last but not least, let’s take a look at perhaps the most relaxing game the All Slots has for its players. Serenity is a game built around lanterns and a Chinese garden, with a background music built to match its visuals – it’s a relaxing ambiental composition with a lot of mellow sounds, with no percussion at all, meant to soothe, enchant, and lull. Things only speed up during its bonus rounds but not too much – again, the game’s relaxing background music, composed by an unknown artist, is what makes it special and worth a try.

Mike Mineo

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