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Archive for May 25th, 2018

Papyllon – “Seventeen, Baby”

“Seventeen, Baby” is a stunning track from Papyllon, a young band from Prešov, Slovakia. It hooks from the get-go, with late-night brass and a smoothly paced rhythm section establishing the feel. The vocals begin wi...

Emme – “Wander”

Emme is an act from Austin, Texas comprised of vocalist Sowmya Somanath and beatmaker Walter Nichols. Somanath’s vocals are entirely captivating, lush and caressing in allowing the atmospheric beats to flow fully. On R...


Cosmos & Creature – “Bad Drug”

“Bad Drug” is a fresh success from Cosmos & Creature, adorned with smooth vocals and summer-y vibes. The track develops from a relatively bare piano adornment, with Molly Moore’s powerful vocals swapping s...

Matteo Scher – “New York and Me”

Matteo Scher has been playing piano since the age of four, picking up violin and guitar as well shortly thereafter. Now, at 20 years old, Matteo is releasing his first fully produced EP, a four-track affair entitled Something G...