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Archive for July 19th, 2018

REIGHNBEAU – “I Want Love”

Following the stunning track “Hide“, REIGHNBEAU –  the Albuquerque-based visual and sound artist Bryce Hample – provides another peek at his forthcoming Hide EP with the gorgeous “I Want Love”...

Midnight Garden – “White Nights” (Psychic TV cover)

Midnight Garden has impressed previously with “Down” and “Something Blue“, both fine tracks with a synth-tinged grasp of folk and classic-rock. Their recent offering, as they work on the follow-up to las...


Once Around Saturn – “Fortress of Love” (featuring Amanda Easton)

Australian synth-pop act Once Around Saturn reminds fondly of ’80s synth-pop, with a fondness for spacey, sharp melodies fondly reminiscent of a female-fronted Yellow Magic Orchestra. The moniker for Sydney-based synth po...