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Archive for June 18th, 2018

Rare Monk – “Happy Haunting”

Portland-based rockers Rare Monk go far back on Obscure Sound, with their track “Underground” impressing in 2012 with its stirring string infusions, waves of guitars, and passionate vocals. Presently, they are geari...

Emil Lundbak – “The Lead Song”

Emil Lundbak is a singer/guitarist/songwriter from Copenhagen, whose new single “The Lead Song” was released yesterday. Emil’s first release since his debut EP Relentless, “The Lead Song” showcases...


The Pulltops – “Poison the Well”

Many fans of vintage power-pop and album-rock found a comforting, familiar appeal on Milwaukee-based project The Pulltops’s previously featured track “Destination“, which celebrated the band’s 15th anniv...

Shoffy – “Motions”

“Motions” is a just-released track from Shoffy (Alex Shofler), who impressed a few months back with his creative remix of Calvin Harris’ “Slide”. Despite being a cover, that effort showed Shofler&#...