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Archive for June 23rd, 2018

Gnarsh – “Putting on Your Face”

As the self-professed aim of Gnarsh’s music “is to make people smile, tap their foot, and scratch their heads,” it’s easy to say “Putting on Your Face” hit the mark — at least on my end...

Two Birds One – “I Can Have It All”

“I Can Have It All” is the striking debut single from Two Birds One, a duo comprised of multi-instrumentalists Michael and Shoota, who met whilst playing in bands Aquila Young and TH’FIKA. They show some wonde...


Skytone – “Taking Our Time”

“Taking Our Time” is the lead single off Ottawa duo Skytone’s new full-length JangleWaves. The twangy slice of jangle-pop isn’t a far cry from the aesthetic of fellow Canadian Travis Bretzer, with a part...

Sandy Realms – “Slip Away”

Australian psych-rockers must be tired of Tame Impala comparisons at this point, no matter how favorable. Still, it’s not a bad act to be grouped in with, and Australian psych-rockers Sandy Realms certainly do tout a dist...


Trevor Forrest – “Countless Ways”

Trevor Forrest is a Brooklyn-based singer, songwriter, and producer whose charismatic new track “Countless Ways” is aptly described as “if Alt-J and Local Natives were one person instead of two bands, this son...

New Fashioned – “How to Make You Smile”

Especially after listening to hundreds of tracks daily with intricacies and stylistic idiosyncrasies, from the brilliant to questionable, there can be an urge to listen to a simple slice of hook-y pop once in awhile. That’...