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Archive for July 21st, 2018

TV ME – “Peppercorn Boy”

“Peppercorn Boy”, the newest track from Liverpool’s TV ME, is a slice of bouncy psych-pop magic. Its music video, starring spinning vinyl on various homemade contraptions, is nifty as well. The project – compr...

First Blush – “Dream”

NYC-based Charles Sekel fronts the project First Blush, which went on hiatus after 2013’s Supersynthetic EP but has since returned with the captivating album Monologic, which released on July 14th. Emotional key-laden mel...


Tigers and Thieves – “Charminar”

Tigers and Thieves just released their captivating new track “Charminar” today. It’s the second single this summer from the act, who are based right outside of Philly. Recorded with mixing engineer/producer Br...

Instant Empire – “Sunday Best”

“Sunday Best” is the striking, opening track off Denver-based Instant Empire’s forthcoming album Last of the Lovers, out on August 8th. Their previously featured track “Slow to Reveal” touted an &#...