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Archive for July 21st, 2018

Scotch Mist – “Big Red Button”

NYC-based Scotch Mist impressed mightily last October with the track “Daggers”, which showcased beautiful vintage-pop vocal harmonies, western-y guitar twangs, and a twinkling orchestral-like chamber-pop majestic qu...

Cape Weather – “Telephono”

“Telephono” is the debut single from California’s Cape Weather, who conjure ’60s nostalgia with the track’s sweetly seductive vocals, suave guitar jangles, and overall hypnotic allure — aided...


Joe Murray – “Free”

Free by joemurray. “Free” is one of the singles off Denver-based Joe Murray’s debut album I Am, releasing on November 3rd. The track showcases a very promising songwriter with an enjoyable aesthetic. The prima...

Golden Idols – “Anything You Want to Hear”

“Anything You Want to Hear” is a new track from former Golden Idols lead guitarist Trevor Watson, featuring Patrick Broz on guitar/lead vocals, Jewel Loree bass/vocals/bass clarinet, Trevor Watson guitar/keyboards/c...