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Archive for July 21st, 2018

Obscure Sound: Best of July 2017

Above are the most memorable tracks featured throughout July 2017, streaming on both Spotify and Soundcloud. Some tracks may be missing from the Spotify playlist, since not every submitted track is available there (unlike Sound...

Indianapolis Jones – “Please Come Home”

Atlanta-based psych-pop act Indianapolis Jones will release their new 5-song EP, Chaos and Light, on September 8th. The first look at the release comes via the single “Please Come Home”, which showcases a gorgeous s...


Western Jaguar – “Lake Placid”

“Lake Placid” is the twangy and enjoyable third release from rock quartet Western Jaguar, based out of Mission, British Columbia. Incorporating elements of post-rock, dream-pop, and indie-rock, the band shows some i...

Perfect Families – “Reminders”

“Reminders” is the third single from Seattle duo Perfect Families, whose new EP Gradients will be released on August 16th. The verse features soft vocals, an illuminated synth pad, and funky bass line, with twangy g...


SIDIZEN KING – “When the Drugs Don’t Work”

The two SIDIZEN KING tracks we’ve featured so far – “Stuck in the Middle” and “Roll the Dice” – show a notably talented producer/songwriter/performer with eclectic charm, integrating el...