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Music superstars donating to Houston

(AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

Since Houston was hit with the devastating tropical cyclone Hurricane Harvey, much attention has turned to the beloved people of Houston and we are grateful to everyone who is able to help. Several musicians are playing the vitally generous role of stretching out their hands to help with donations. In the process of recovery efforts, Miley Cyrus pledged half a million dollars towards the Houston cyclone relief. The pop star literally broke in tears while she was announcing her donation live on Ellen DeGeneres show. A donation was made through her Happy Hippie Foundation. Meanwhile, Demi Lovato wrote on her twitter account “I’m kicking this off with a $50K donation at demilavito.co/Harvey. Please help if you can. Promise you every dollar and prayer helps!”

Demi Lavito donated $50,000 to Houston Food bank and in partnership with DNCE, Nick Jonas and Philymack formed a Crowd Rise campaign to raise more funds with the help of fans.

Furthermore, Jennifer Lopez and her boyfriend announced that they donate $25,000 each to American Red Cross. Comedian Kevin Hart came up with a challenge called Hurricane Harvey Relief Challenge to encourage other celebrities. It doesn’t end there, even anonymous best pokies online sites’ owners pledged to help. The challenge managed to raise close to a million. Kevin Hart led by example as he pledged $25,000 which turned up to be $50,000. Dj Khaled and Nicki Minaj accepted Hart’s challenge and contributed $25,000 each. Chris Brown vowed to donate $100,000 directly to the people of Houston and T.I pledged $25,000.

Beyoncé and Drake donated undisclosed amounts to the cause. Kim Kardashian West contributed $500,000 to the American Red Cross and Salvation Army USA. Country Singer Chris Young pledged a donation $100,000 on his Twitter video. Not only celebrities can donate, even ordinary people can pledge. If you won jackpots at sites such as South African online casino, you can take some of the winnings and donate. Meanwhile, Selena Gomez’s amount wasn’t disclosed but she posted on Twitter urging her followers to also donate to help the people of Texas. Various musicians from Houston are playing their part through organizing fundraising live shows.

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