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Non-Standard Ideas for Spring Break Holidays

If the spring break holidays are more than visiting Mexico or Florida with friends, the following ideas can help arrange a really unique trip that you may remember for years.

Unusual Vacation Ideas for Your Spring Break Holidays

For many people, spring break holidays are usually associated with a bunch of half-naked students wasting their lives by drinking and using illegal substances on Florida and Mexico beaches during their college semester’s break. If you don’t belong to this category of “spring breakers”, you may look for the alternative ways to spend the long-anticipated holidays, especially if you prefer to go on vacation in the United States with family or friends who hate beaches.

Viva Las Vegas!

Just like Elvis sang… There is probably not any other place in the United States that can beat Las Vegas when it comes to pure, blissful fun. And visiting the capital of casinos doesn’t always mean leaving all your fortune out there. Just like any other big city, Las Vegas can offer much more than meets the eye, even if you don’t belong to the cast of high rollers. The places to visit in Las Vegas during your spring break holidays:

  • The Strip is so beautiful at night;
  • Fremont Street can deliver the street shows of all kinds;
  • Venetian Hotel is renowned for its unbeatable gondola rides;
  • Paris Hotel is a great place to take a selfie in front of the Eifel Tower without leaving the U.S.;
  • Bellagio resort will enable you to enjoy the breathtaking fountain show.

New York, New York

If you are a fan of crowds and shopping, there is no a better place for you to get rest then visiting the good old Big Apple. In a case you are looking for the city that may deliver the unforgettable memories, NYC is the best option. Here is the way you should learn how to write an autobiography essay in practice, not just the theoretical tips given by https://essayforever.com/blog/how-to-write-an-autobiography-essay/. Besides, according to https://www.forbes.com, NYC is also famous for its genuinely good food and smart culture. The places to see while visiting NYC:

  • The Meatball Shop is very hard to resist;
  • Statue of Liberty and Battery Park is a must for all newcomers;
  • Empire State Building will make you feel like you are on the top of the world;
  • Central Park is probably the most iconic park in the whole country;
  • Broadway (and don’t forget Shubert Alley). Taking a selfie with your favorite actor’s star is a must-do while you are in New York.

The Grand Canyon

If you have never visited this 300 miles long and 18 miles wide canyon, one of the most iconic sightseeing places in the United States, it is a high time to go during your spring break. Commonly called as the 8th Wonder of the World, the Grand Canyon impresses. Simple as that. Especially, if you have been driving through the whole country to see it. It is worth spending a week of your holidays out there. You may start your walking tour from visiting the famous Rim Trail, located east of the Visitor Center.

Big Bend

This All-American National Park located in west Texas covers about 800 thousand acres that are all great for a spring camping trip. It consists of 3 diverse zones:

  • the mysterious Chihuahuan Desert;
  • the picturesque Rio Grande’s valley,
  • the awe-inspiring Chisos Mountains.

Also, Big Bend is famous among hiking enthusiasts because it offers about 240 miles of trails, including the stunningly picturesque17-mile-long Window Trail. You can watch about 400 species of birds during your trip.

Theme parks

There is more than Disneyland in Orlando to choose from. It is also one of the most affordable places to visit, even on a student budget (especially if you are traveling with friends helping to splits the costs). Theme parks are definitely more interesting than run-of-the-mill spring break beaches. You can pick up any theme park in the United States:

  • Cedar Point is the place that is worth visiting if you are not afraid of rollercoaster rides. It can offer 17 different attractions for the rollercoaster fans;
  • Universal’s Islands of Adventure features 7 artificial islands covering dedicated to various themes like Marvel Super Hero Island, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, etc.;
  • SeaWorld San Diego is a great spot if you want to get close to penguins, dolphins, sharks and other ocean’s inhabitants. Also, try not to miss visiting the breathtaking shows with enormous killer whales, humorous sea lions, and adorable dolphins.

In addition to these options, you are free to book ski trips, go to the famous San Diego Zoo, visit glorious Graceland, and walk the 2100-mile-long Appalachian Trail. Enjoy your spring break in a different way than others!

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